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Sep 262015

It’s a new term and I’m getting to know my new students. Many of them have something in common. They don’t know their multiplication tables! Here’s a quiz to help you practice. Keep practicing until you can get them all finished within the 5 minute time limit.


Aug 202014

This is one in a large series of short videos from NCETM showing how people use maths at work. See the others here.

When you have watched the video see if you can convert time into decimals and work out how much employees should be paid.

Interactive Worksheet

Pdf worksheet

Oct 152012

This video shows how to divide by a decimal.



When you’ve watched the video try this quiz to see if you’ve got it.

Oct 052012

How many nurses could be employed with the money given in bonuses to RBS bankers? You can work it out here!

Oct 052012

Oct 052012

How many decimal places of pi do you know?

Oct 052012

Watch the video and see if you can answer the questions.

Read more about these controversial lyrics in the Guardian

Oct 012012

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent means equal to. So in this matching game you just have to match the pairs of equal fractions, eg ½ = 2/4 , or 3/9 = 1/3


Aug 082012

Try this gap fill exercise on screen or in worksheet format.

Jul 062012

Download, print and cut out the triangles. Work with a friend to try and match all the questions with the correct answer.

Finding Averages and Range

Remember the range is the difference between the biggest and smallest number.
The mean is the sum of all the data divided by the number of data items.
The median is the middle number when the data is arranged in order.
The mode is the most frequent number.

Many thanks to Mr Barton for the original jigsaw.

If you must cheat here is the solution.

Jul 062012

Print out the jigsaw and cut out the triangles. Work with a friend to try to match all the questions with the answers.

Download Mode and Mean Jigsaw

Remember to find the mode look for the most frequently occuring data item. To find the mean add up all the data and divide by the number of data items.

Thanks to Mr Barton for the original jigsaw.

If you are really stuckdownload Mode and Mean Jigsaw solution

Jul 062012

Download the pdf, print it and cut out the dominoes. Work with a friend to put them together correctly or play dominoes by sharing the dominoes and taking it in turns to place the next domino. If you can’t go the other player has another turn. The winner is the first to place all their dominoes correctly.

Download Simple Probability Jigsaw

If you have never played cards before here is a magician showing you what they look like

You need to understand there are four suits, spades♠, hearts♥, diamonds♦ and clubs♣.
Spades and clubs are black, hearts and diamonds are red. There are 13 cards in each suit, so altogether there are 4×13=52 cards in a pack. Number one is called an Ace. They are then numbered up to 10. After 10 there is a Jack, Queen and King.These are called picture cards.


Thanks to Mr Barton Maths for this Jigsaw.

If you are struggling you can view the solution here.
Simple Probability Solution

May 072012

Can you work out the missing numbers in this Football League table? You will need to use logic, arithmetic and negative numbers.
Premier League table 2011-12
League Division 1 table 2011-12

May 062012

Download and print out the dominoes. Cut them out, then play like dominoes or simply match the questions and answers.
Finding the Mode Dominoes

Remember the mode is the most frequent data item.

Thanks to Mr Barton for the original jigsaw.

If you can’t agree you can .download the solution here.

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Mar 062012

Download this pdf, print and cut out the triangles. Try to arrange all the triangles so that the questions match with the answers. If you get it right you should make a new shape.

Download Probability Events Jigsaw

If you need a reminder of how to work out probabilities, try this link.


Thanks to Mr Barton for the original jigsaw.

If you are really stuck the solution is here.