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Aug 202014

This is one in a large series of short videos from NCETM showing how people use maths at work. See the others here.

When you have watched the video see if you can convert time into decimals and work out how much employees should be paid.

Interactive Worksheet

Pdf worksheet

Jan 212013

1. Write down your date of birth using 6 figures. So 25th December 1974 would be 25.12.74

2. Write down the last two digits of the year. (eg 74)

3. Divide by 4 and ignore the decimal part or remainder. (eg 74 ÷ 4 = 18)

4. Add together the answers to 1 and 2 (eg 74 + 18 =92)

5. Add the number of the day of your date of birth. (eg 92 + 25 =117)

6. Add a number according to your month of birth as follows.

JAN  1 (0 for Leap Year)   How do you tell if a year is a leap year?

FEB 4  (3 for Leap Year) How do you tell if a year is a leap year?











(eg 117 + 6 for Dec = 123)

For years beginning 18..   add 2

For years beginning 19.. add 0

For years beginning 20.. add 6

(eg 123 +0 = 123)

Divide your answer by 7 and work out the remainder.

(eg 123÷ 7 = 17 remainder 4)

The remainder gives the day of the week you were born on.

1 = Sunday

2= Monday

3= Tuesday

4= Wednesday

5= Thursday

6 = Friday

7 = Saturday

(s0 25.12.74 was a Wednesday)


Jan 212013

Leap years have an extra day in February, so there are 29 days in February and 366 days in a leap year. Lots of people believe that if a year is divisible by 4 it is a leap year. However there are some exceptions to this.

To work it out follow these instructions.

If the year divides exactly by 4 it is a leap year, UNLESS
it is a new century. (ends in 00)
If this is the case if it divides exactly by 400 it is a leap year, if not it is not.
Was 2012 a leap year?
2012÷4 = 503. YES!
Will 2018 be a leap year?
2018÷4 = 504 r2 NO!
Was 2000 a leap year?
2000÷400 = 5 YES!
Will 2100 be a leap year?
2100÷400 = 5 r100 NO!

Jan 212013

Ask your teacher (or somebody else) to

1.  Write down your house number.

2.  Double it.

3.  Add the number of days in a week.

4.  Multiply by 50.

5. Add your age.

6. Subtract the number of days in a year. (not a leap year)

7. Add 15

The answer is your teachers house number and their age!

Can you explain why this works?

Oct 052012

Download, print and cut out the triangles. Work with a friend to try and match all the questions with the correct answers and make a shape

24 hour clock Jigsaw

Sep 302012

Click here to download this Level 2 Functional Maths worksheet, Don’t always believe what you read in the newspaper.
It concerns how much money you can save by spending less time in the shower.