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Feb 262012

Download and print these dominoes and cut them out. (Each card is made of two squares.) Find a friend to play with. Share the cards out . First player places any card on the table. Second player has to match one of his/her cards with the one on the table.  If you can’t go it’s the other players turn. First player to place all his cards is the winner. Check you have got them right by looking at the solution.

Entry 3 Vocabulary Dominoes

Entry 3 Vocabulary Dominoes Solution

This resource was updated October 2012

Feb 242012

This great free software enables you to create your own mathematical jigsaws or dominoes. You choose the shape (hexagon, rhombus, parallelogram, rectangle or even a parquet). You print off on card and laminate or just print on paper and cut up.

Just like Blue Peter here are some I made earlier.

Decimals Calculations Level 1

Calculations This is ideal for ESOL students revising words for the 4 rules.

To download the free software so you can make your own go to Hermitech Laboratory and download Formulator Tarsia.

I guess there are numeracy teachers all over the country with libraries of these jigsaws! If you would like to share yours with everybody please send me your masterpieces and I will endeavour to publish them here. Mr Barton has an amazing collection of 550 jigsaws on his website here.