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Jul 062012

Download the pdf, print it and cut out the dominoes. Work with a friend to put them together correctly or play dominoes by sharing the dominoes and taking it in turns to place the next domino. If you can’t go the other player has another turn. The winner is the first to place all their dominoes correctly.

Download Simple Probability Jigsaw

If you have never played cards before here is a magician showing you what they look like

You need to understand there are four suits, spades♠, hearts♥, diamonds♦ and clubs♣.
Spades and clubs are black, hearts and diamonds are red. There are 13 cards in each suit, so altogether there are 4×13=52 cards in a pack. Number one is called an Ace. They are then numbered up to 10. After 10 there is a Jack, Queen and King.These are called picture cards.


Thanks to Mr Barton Maths for this Jigsaw.

If you are struggling you can view the solution here.
Simple Probability Solution

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