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Jul 032014

If you have not yet tried Squares and Cubes do this first.

A square root is the opposite of squaring a number. The symbol for square root is  √.

So if 3²=9 then  √9=3

A cube root is the opposite of cubing a number. The symbol for cube root is ³ √.

So if 3³=27 then ³ √27=3

TrySquares, Square Roots, Cubes and Cube Roots to help you become familiar with the important examples of this.

Jul 032014

To square a number you multiply it by itself. For example 3² =3×3=9

To cube a number you multiply it by itself three times. So 3³=3x3x3=27

If you are studying GCSE it is very helpful to learn the common squares and cubes to save you time in the non calculator exam. This exercise will help you do that-don’t be tempted to use a calculator! For Functional Skills students you can use a calculator. Look for the x² and x³ buttons on your scientific calculator and use these.

Each time you do this exercise you will get a different selection of questions. To do it again click the refresh icon on your browser.

Mar 022013

How many triangles are in this shape? (A Transum starter)

Download a pdf worksheet here.


When you are absolutely sure you have counted them all, click here and press the yellow button to see if you are right.