Amey Announced Preferred Bidder for £2 Billion Sheffield Highways Contract

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Here are some statements from an Amey press release.

11 April 2012
Sheffield City Council has announced sole provider Amey as the preferred bidder for its £2 billion highways maintenance project creating up to 170 extra jobs for the city.

Amey will take responsibility for improving and maintaining 1,900km of road, 68,000 streetlights, 500 traffic signals, 600 bridges and other structures, 2,400 retaining walls and 35,000 highway trees across the city. The contract will see £2bn worth of improvement and maintenance works undertaken as Amey embarks upon a five year renovation programme to upgrade the city’s highways infrastructure; it will then work to maintain it for the duration of the 25 year contract.

Mel Ewell, Chief Executive for Amey, said: “We’re extremely excited about delivering a major overhaul of Sheffield City Council’s road assets bringing them up to standard appropriate of a modern European city. We look forward to using our knowledge, experience and skills across our multi-faceted organisation to improve the city’s highway infrastructure for the benefit of all those who use it.

Local communities will not just benefit from improved road networks, Amey is set to create employment, graduate and apprenticeship opportunities which could see almost 170 jobs new created in the city including over 30 apprentices and graduates. Up to 500 Sheffield City Council staff will TUPE over to Amey once the contract starts. They will also be seeking local Sheffield businesses as their preferred supply chain partners.

Amey already employs over 1000 people in the North of England and has had a presence in Sheffield for the past 25 years, with an office based in the city. The contract win will see the company expand its Sheffield office into one of its main consulting hubs, bringing together the leading minds in technology, engineering and design for the rail and highways sectors.

Questions about the press release

1. Write £2 billion in figures.

2. 1900km of road needs to be resurfaced in 5 years. How much road should be resurfaced each year?
÷ = km
3. 8km is equal to 5 miles. How many miles is 1900km?
1900 ÷ x = miles
4. On average how many highway trees are there on each kilometre of road? (round your answer to the nearest tree.)
÷ = trees per km
5. On average how many streetlights are there per kilometre of road? (round your answer to the nearest streetlight)
÷ =
6. Of the 170 new jobs created 30 are for apprentices or graduates.
a. What percentage are for apprentices and graduates? (round your answer to one decimal place) %
b. What percentages are not for apprentices and graduates? (again give your answer to one decimal place)
7. Including those that have moved from Sheffield City Council how many people are employed on the project?
8. What percentage of the Amey staff that work in the North of England work on the Sheffield project? Give your answer to one decimal place.
÷ x = %