Swaffham Wind Turbine

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the missing words and numbers, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free digit if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
Watch the video first then answer the questions. They start easy and gradually get more difficult!

If the video does not appear above try this link.

Entry Level Questions

How many blades has the wind turbine?

The turbine is 67m tall. Can you write that in words? metres

The turbine produces enough electricity for 1121 homes. Can you write that in words? thousand hundred and homes.

The turbine saves three thousand one hundred and sixty one tonnes of carbon dioxide being produced. Write this as a number. tonnes

The savings are 3161 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, 37 tonnes of Sulphur Dioxide and 11 tonnes of Nitrogen Oxides. How many tonnes is this altogether? tonnes.

What is the order of rotational symmetry of the wind turbine blades?

Level 1 Questions

If the blades are turning round 20 times every minute, how many turns will they make in one hour?

The video says that the turbine produces electricity for 3000 people and 1121 homes. How many people on average live in a house? Write your answer to 1 decimal place. people.

Now round your answer to the nearest person.

3000 people is about a third of the population of Swaffham. Roughly how many people live in Swaffham?

The staircase has 300 steps. The turbine is 67 metres tall. How many centimetres tall is each step? (Give your answer to the nearest centimetre) cm

In its lifetime the turbine has produced 44,506,583 kilo watt hours of electricity. Can you write this number in words? million and thousand hundred and three kwh.

The turbine was opened in October 1999 and I filmed it in July 2013. How many months is this altogether? (include October 99 and July 13)

On average, how much electricity does the turbine produce each month? Give your answer to the nearest kwh. kwh

Level 2 Questions
The diameter of the blades is 66m and each blade has a length of 31m. What is the diameter of the hub at the centre of the blades? m

If a fly sits on the end of one of the blades how far will it travel in one whole turn? (Remember the circumference of a circle C=pi x diameter) Use pi=3.14

Birds usually avoid the blades so they are not harmed. What is the area of the circle that they need to avoid? (The area of a circle is pi x the radius squared.) Use pi=3.14
metres square

When I visited the wind speed was 7.0 metres per second.
How many metres is this per hour? metres per hour.
How many kilometres is this per hour? kilometres per hour.

The blades were turning at 15.1 revolutions per minute. If the wind speed stayed the same all day, how many revolutions would this be?

When you were doing the Level 1 questions you worked out that the turbine has been working for 154 months. Sometimes when the wind is very strong the turbine has to be turned off for safety reasons. It also has to be turned off occaisionally for maintenance. The control panel shows that it has been operational for 109,691 hours.

How many days is this? (round your answer to the nearest day) days.
There are 365 days in a year. How many years is it? (Round your answer to one decimal place)

How many years is 166 months? (round your answer to 1 decimal place)

How many years has the turbine not been operational?

What percentage of the time is the turbine operational? (round your answer to the nearest whole number) %