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Jun 242016

The most recent Functional Skills Level 1 and 2 on-line practice tests can be downloaded here. You need to save and open the zip file than click on “start”.



Jun 052014

Here is a video to help with GCSE revision. The questions come from the second half of a non calculator Foundation paper. These questions were also at the beginning of the Higher paper. They cover  important topics you need to be confident with to be sure of getting a Grade C.  I strongly recommend you attempt the paper yourself first and then watch the video to see if you got them right and to learn from your mistakes.

Feb 032014

Here are two more practice on-line tests. When you get to the end the computer will ask you to review your answers. Go back and ensure you have answered all the questions, shown all your working and not made any silly mistakes. If everything is ok click on continue. You may have to wait a while, but eventually the computer will ask you to save a pdf. Save it, then open it. The computer will have marked some questions for you but most have to be marked by a teacher. If you have a teacher, send them the pdf and they will mark it for you.

Level 1 On-line practice test

Level 2 On-line practice test

Mar 252013

Dec 062012

Do you want to buy a book to help you prepare for your Functional Maths test? Why would you when you’ve got Maths with Graham! Well some people learn better with the aid of a book and this selection is a good way to make sure you have got to grips with all the important topics. All I ask is you buy from a reputable dealer that pays their taxes! The Level 1 book is out now and the Entry 3 and Level 2 books are following soon. Each topic is clearly explained with straightforward notes, tips and worked examples. There are also practice questions throughout the book, plus plenty of test-style questions (with answers) to help you prepare for the real thing. It is suitable for all the different exam boards.

M1SRA3 – New Functional Skills Maths Level 1 – Study & Test Practice (for 2020 & beyond)

This amazing Functional Skills book has everything students need to prepare for the Level 1 Maths test! It covers every exam board and every topic, including all the calculator and non-calculator skills needed for the new L1 Functional Skills specifications in 2019 and beyond. Everything’s explained in CGP’s easy-to-understand style, with examples and notes galore.



If you can’t afford the £7.99 the publishers are very generous and have actually put quite a few of the pages on-line, so it’s worth a look

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Nov 082012

Here are some Level 2 Practice Papers. You may need some help getting used to the different tools, especially if you’re not used to using computers. DON’T PANIC! Read the instructions carefully at the beginning and get someone to help you if you are struggling. The navigation test shows you how to use all the different functions, so go through all of this carefully, step by step. Don’t forget to show all your working and justify your answers. If you use the calculator your working out will appear in the box next to it. Unfortunately the paper is not marked at the end, so when you have finished you will either need to print off each page or get your teacher to check your work.

At the beginning you don’t need to enter any details- just click “OK” and “Confirm”

Navigation test

Nov 082012

Try these Level 1 Practice Papers from City and Guilds. First try the navigation test as this shows you how to use all the different functions that you will need. Then try an actual test.  Unfortunately it doesn’t mark it for you, so you will have to ask your teacher if you are getting them correct. You could print each page and get someone to check for you. Don’t forget it is vital to show all your working and justify your answers. Don’t worry about the “signing in” part- just leave everything blank and click “OK” and “confirm”. It is not always straightforward drawing the graphs and tables so it is vital you practice doing this before your actual exam.