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May 212012
This is a great investigation from N-Rich which combines geometry with simple algebra. Your task is to find a rule that will calculate how many lines there are in any mystic rose. To construct a Mystic Rose draw a circle then use your protractor to place equally spaced dots around the circle. You then join each dot to every other dot with a straight line.
May 072012

Can you work out the missing numbers in this Football League table? You will need to use logic, arithmetic and negative numbers.
Premier League table 2011-12
League Division 1 table 2011-12

May 062012

Download and print out the dominoes. Cut them out, then play like dominoes or simply match the questions and answers.
Finding the Mode Dominoes

Remember the mode is the most frequent data item.

Thanks to Mr Barton for the original jigsaw.

If you can’t agree you can .download the solution here.

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