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Aug 032015

Here are the highlights of the 2015 Mens Final.

Can you use your skills to answer the questions? They range from easy Entry Level to GCSE questions involving data handling,  time, distance, speed and Pythagoras. There is a Scale Drawing task that is very good practice for Level 1 students.

The interactive version is here and the worksheet version is here.


Aug 082012

Try this gap fill exercise on screen or in worksheet format.

May 072012

Can you work out the missing numbers in this Football League table? You will need to use logic, arithmetic and negative numbers.
Premier League table 2011-12
League Division 1 table 2011-12

Jan 142012

Numbers are often rounded to find approximate percentages. For example if 28 out of 119 ESOL students come from Eastern Europe we could round to the nearest ten, giving us 30 out of 120.

30÷120 x 100 = 25% so we can say that 28 out of 119 students is roughly 25%.

Practice approximating percentages with this quiz.