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Jul 142015

Amey Streets Ahead photo from (with permission)In this exercise you will need to read the information from an Amey press release about the massive Streets Ahead contract. You will then use your skills to answer the questions. You can download a worksheet or use the interactive version here.

Oct 172012

Here is a fascinating site to find out about the Golden Ratio and the human face.

maths and beauty

Don’t miss the flash application where you can fit a mask to some famous faces to see if their facial proportions match the golden ratio.

You will find the Golden Ratio appears not just in the human body, but in architechture, design nature, cosmology, photo composition, art and much more.

Jan 022012

If you are preparing for the Level 2 Adult Numeracy test one thing you have to practice is speed! You have 40 questions to answer in one hour and a quarter, so you need to be quick! Here is a timed test to see if you can answer questions under pressure!

Remember area is the space inside the shape and perimeter is the distance around it.