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Sep 232015

Hopefully you already know how to change a fraction to a decimal.

For instance ²⁄³ =2 ÷ 3= 0.6666… This is a recurring decimal. But changing a recurring decimal back to a fraction is a little more complicated.

UK maths teacher have produced a great video on this.

If you prefer a written explanation Study maths have produced a good introduction of how to convert a recurring decimal to a fraction.

recurringdecimaltofractionThere is also an interactive worksheet to make sure you can do it.


May 132014

Simultaneous equations are when you have 2 or more equations with two or more unknowns. You can solve them using algebra or by drawing a graph of the two equations and seeing where they cross.

This video shows you how to solve simultaneous equations using algebra.

This video shows how to solve simultaneous equations using a graph.

Now you try!

GCSE Bitesize

Study Maths (more examples and interactive worksheets)

May 062014

Some students find it incredibly difficult to visualise nets being folded up into 3 dimensional shapes. The best way to gain confidence with this is having fun making lots of different shapes and I have already blogged about an excellent site for this where you can print off all sorts of nets and make some amazing shapes. With exams rapidly approaching you may not have time for that so here is a page from Nrich where you can watch 24 different nets being folded up to make 3d shapes. Before you press play each time try to work out what the shape will look like when it is folded, then see if you were right.

Dec 032013

The news today is concentrating on UK students performance in maths, and how the students in countries like China, Korea and Japan seem to be doing much better.

Why not have a go at some of the test questions and see how you can do?

This is what the Guardian has to say about it.  The OECD believe their results show that boys are better at maths than girls. Do you think this is true? Over the many years I have taught maths I have not found a great difference between the sexes, but I do acknowledge that the boys generally find shape and space activities such as working with nets of three dimensional shapes easier.

Sep 292013

Image from the Lisa Simpson Bookclub

Simon Singh has written a book about maths in the Simpsons. Read all about it here on the Guardian website.

Have a read of the article and find out about Fermat’s Last Theorem,  Perfect Numbers, Narcissistic numbers, Mersenne Primes, Googols and Googolplexs and lots more! You may not need to know this stuff to pass your maths exam, but hopefully you’ll see that maths can be both fascinating and fun!

May 292013

Penrose TriangleUse these links to research optical illusions.

What are your  favourite illusions? Make them into a Powerpoint presentation.

Can you use what you have learnt to design your own illusion?



video-best optical illusions

A search engine will find many more!

Mar 022013

How many triangles are in this shape? (A Transum starter)

Download a pdf worksheet here.


When you are absolutely sure you have counted them all, click here and press the yellow button to see if you are right.

Mar 022013

This cube has 6 faces, 8 vertices (corners) and 12 edges.

This square based pyramid has 5 faces, 5 vertices and 8 edges.

See how quickly you can do this quiz from Purpose Games. Click start, then the computer will give you a number for either F (faces), V (Vertices) or E (Edges). You just have to click on the letter next to the right shape.


Mar 022013

Do you know your prisms from your pyramids? See how quickly you can do this quiz from Purpose Games. Click start, then click on the shape whose name appears at the top.

Feb 282013

Here is a great site to discover all about three dimensional shapes. Find some scissors and glue, print off some of these nets and see what you can make!

Feb 072013

To play this 2 player game from Transum you need to be able to calculate mean, median and range.

Feb 072013

To do this quiz you need to understand the mean, mode, median and range.

Feb 072013

Here are some probability questions from Transum. If you get one wrong use your back button on your browser and try again.

Jan 262013

This sheet from  explains all about payslips

Jan 232013

Play “Got it!”

Try to find a strategy so that you can always win! Can you explain your strategy to someone else?