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Jun 212017

mapThe Sheaf Valley Maths Trail is a short walk starting outside Sheffield City College on Granville Road, along the footpath to Sheffield Station and the steel blade sculpture, behind the station to the steel steps and the amphitheatre, up the hill to the Cholera Monument and then back to college via Clay Wood. Along the way you will answer questions on many different aspects of mathematics. It is suitable for school groups, college students studying Functional Skills, home schoolers and their parents or anyone who would like to have a go!

Download the student booklet here. It is best printed as a booklet.

amphitheatrescaledThere are also a teachers booklet and a powerpoint which I will send to you on request. Email to request these. Please let me know who you are planning to use it with.

Topics touched on on the trail include





Time calculations

Reading a timetable

Calculating journey cost

Speed Distance Time calculations

Shape and Space

Measuring length

Estimating length and weight

Symmetry (Line and Rotational)

3 dimensional shape


Circle calculations

Volume of a cuboid

Area of irregular shapes

Data Handling




Feel free to adapt the trail by missing out some questions and adding others to make it suitable for your students/pupils.

Split your group into teams of 3 or 4 people. Make sure less able students are paired with more able students. Each team will need a DIY tape measure, a large ball of string, a large protractor, a pencil and a calculator. You need to work out the logistics of ensuring there is someone to help at the various stopping points.

Tell your students to stay together, look after each other and take extra care when crossing roads. If this is a school/college outing you will need to fill in a risk assessment.



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Dec 122013

My Higher GCSE students really enjoyed using this tool to discover Circle Theorems this week. Highly recommended!

my maths circle theorems

Aug 132013

This activity is about a wind turbine in Norfolk. Watch the video first, then try to answer the questions. You will need a calculator.

You can either do the activity on-line, or download and print the worksheet.

May 282013

Dr Eugenia Cheng from Sheffield University hit the news today as she published her findings about the maths behind the perfect cream tea. An internet search will find articles on BBC and ITV news and many national newspapers. Have a go at this activity to see if you can use the formulae for a perfect cream tea..

Apr 282013










Feb 102013

pi day song

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Oct 052012

How many decimal places of pi do you know?

Aug 082012

Try this gap fill exercise on screen or in worksheet format.

May 212012
This is a great investigation from N-Rich which combines geometry with simple algebra. Your task is to find a rule that will calculate how many lines there are in any mystic rose. To construct a Mystic Rose draw a circle then use your protractor to place equally spaced dots around the circle. You then join each dot to every other dot with a straight line.
Jan 022012

If you are preparing for the Level 2 Adult Numeracy test one thing you have to practice is speed! You have 40 questions to answer in one hour and a quarter, so you need to be quick! Here is a timed test to see if you can answer questions under pressure!

Remember area is the space inside the shape and perimeter is the distance around it.